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Providence Iloilo, Home You Deserve

Side Background

Features & Amenities

A Complete Neighborhood

Providence-Iloilo combines all the essential elements of a complete neighborhood: identifiable center and edge; limited size (commonly 5 minutes walk from center to edge); mix of uses and housing types; interconnected network of walkable streets; and special sites for civic purposes. Its districts generally emphasize a special single use that follows its design. Its corridors serve as regional connectors of neighborhoods and districts; they range from boulevards and rail lines to rivers and parkways. The neighborhood structure of varying housing types, pricing levels, and conservation areas promote daily interaction among people of diverse ages, races, and incomes and lead to stronger personal and civic bonds that revitalize urban centers through concentrations of civic, institutional and commercial activity.

Village Centers and Playgrounds

Designed in a multi-village set-up with a welcoming main entrance gate (incorporated to a guard house), Providence-Iloilo has multiple villages where houses are lined in concentric circles and paved with elliptical roads, with each village having its own identifying color identity and village center in the middle. A perimeter fence encloses the community, makes it self-contained and provides adequate security. Fire hydrant provisions add to the safety of individual homes and the whole community.

A hierarchy of road networks that assure slowing down of automobiles and easier pedestrian crossing stems from a 20-meter wide main entrance avenue, narrowing through the 12-meter collector road, and down to 8-meter wide streets. Walking is even made safer for the children and elderly with 2, 1.5 and 1-meter wide tree-lined sidewalks.

The main neighborhood center, 400 meters in radius, is just a 5-minute walk that makes accessible shops, work places, schools, houses of worship, recreational areas, promenades, and major terminals and stops that provide the many daily needs of residents.

Each 200-meter radius inner village center, only a 3-minute walk to various facilities like playgrounds, multi-purpose halls, and shop houses (lined up on its outer radius), is at the heart of natural and landscaped village spaces, made open for the enjoyment of everyone in the community. Hence, riverside promenades for public gatherings and entry to neighborhoods, and gazebos overlooking the park and fit for recreation and relaxing nature activities are also well provided for all residents and otherwise.