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Providence Iloilo, Home You Deserve

Side Background

Providence Iloilo

Landscaped by Landscape Architect Ildefonso P. Santos

By Teddy Magalona

Where can you find in the entire Philippines that a Middle Class Mass Housing Community has its landscapes designed by Landscape Architect Ildefonso P. Santos, popularly known as the “Father of Philippine Landscape Architecture. Till today, all middle class or any other class of mass housing community project is even devoid of decent landscaping. In fact, never has it occurred in the Island of Panay that a residential subdivision project, of all types and category, has a real landscaping in all its open space, parks, re-creational areas, sidewalks, etc. Normally, the other existing residential subdivision will only attempt to landscape their entrances.

While architecture will limit itself to conceptualizing and designing the edifice or building, landscape architecture goes beyond the building or the edifice into the very ground and space where the building or edifice stands in order to give it beauty, function and character.

Is not surprising that many of our fellow Ilonggos will have a misconception or would fail to appreciate correctly what is a true landscape architecture as there is rarely, or even none today, that will show case what can landscape architecture do to a building, a complex, or a residential community.

As Landscape Architect Ildefonso P. Santos once said, that a real estate is like a gem if the building or edifice standing on it is excellently and artfully conceptualized, designed, and built. But it cannot reach it greatest heights or become like an exquisite jewelry unless it will stand on a beautifully landscaped environment.

Architect Ildefonso P. Santos, has many landscape projects starting way back in 1960’s up to the present. Among some of his landscape projects are Paco Park, Nayong Pilipino, Rizal Park, almost all the 5 stars hotels in Metro Manila, Tagatay Highlands Golf and Country Club, San Miguel Corporation’s Head Quarter at Ortigas, The Alexandra, Punta Fuego at Batangas, The Palisades at Bacolod City, Westgrove Heights at Cavite, Malacanang Palace, Manila Polo Club, Palace for the Sultan of Trengganu-Malaysia, Taikoo Shing – Hong Kong, Golden Jade Villa – Taiwan, Mount Echo – Singapore, New World Hotel – Vietnam, among many others where some had became significant landmarks.

By the Year 2007 when the project is completely done, Providence Iloilo will show to the people of Panay Island what really is a true landscaping designed and implemented by a landscape architect. Providence Iloilo did not just commissioned any landscape architect but a world-class and ‘Father of Philippine Landscape Architecture’, Arch. Ildefonso P. Santos. Providence Iloilo will surely elevate the standard of real estate community development. The neglect or failure to address what should be the grounds and landscape development of a community will soon become a ‘thing of the past’ after Providence will show to the Ilonggos the beauty and the benefits that people can derive from landscape architecture.

The landscaping of Providence Iloilo will open the eyes of our youth to the relevance and wonders of landscape architecture. We have many talented young Ilonggos that maybe inspired to take Landscape Architecture as their profession. Thus, we will surely elevate the horticulture and garden industry of Panay Island, specifically the Province and City of Iloilo. Providence Iloilo’s landscaping will lead our schools and universities to explore offering Landscape Architecture as a Bachelor of Science Degree. Iloilo has a relative strength, if not unique, in its soil to give birth to a truly world class landscaping industry which we can export to the world. Why not? There is always the first time. Providence Iloilo is making the first move.

We, at St. Rafael Development Corporation (SRDC), the developer of Providence Iloilo at Brgy Balabag, Pavia, Iloilo is proud to be…

Truly the Philippines’ Finest…

Truly Worldly Class…

Truly Ilonggo…

All for the greater of God.